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Entry Requirements

In addition to meeting the University and School of Creative Arts, Film and Media Studies entry requirements, all candidates for Certificate in Digital Animation must be holders of aggregate grade C- in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent.

Prospective students with a portfolio of their original work will have an added advantage.

Examinations Regulations
All university rules and regulations governing examinations shall apply. Examinations shall consist of both theoretical and practical works. For theoretical units, grading shall constitute 30% for course work (CATS) and 70% for written examination. For units which combine theory and practical, grading shall constitute 60% Practical Continuous Assessment and 40% for sit-in written Examination.Units that are exclusively practical or special projects shall be graded out of a total of 100% and will be equivalent to two (2) units. Such unit shall be assessed on at least a biweekly basis.
A student who fails in the project may be allowed to repeat the project not more than once, and resubmit it within a period not exceeding three months from the date of release of results. The marking and grading of project work shall be done by not less than two tutors/lecturers, and the marks from the tutors/lecturers averaged. A student who fails to score 40% and above in more than two (2) of the units he/she has registered for in a semester will automatically be discontinued.
A student who fails to attend atleast two thirds (2 of 3) of the class for any particular unit shall not be allowed to sit for the end of semester examinations of that unit.A student who fails to score 40% and above in one unit in a semester shall sit for supplementary exams in the failed unit.A candidate who sits and fails a supplementary exam in any unit shall NOT be awarded a Certificate. The maximum mark in supplementary examinations shall be 40%. A candidate who fails supplementary exams shall be allowed to repeat the unit(s). If a candidate, for a good reason such as illness or bereavement, is unable to sit for one or more examinations, or is unable to undertake essential parts of the work for continuous assessment, then he/she may, on the recommendation of the course coordinator, and with the approval of senate, be permitted to take supplementary examinations.

On successful completion of the programme, candidates will be awarded a Certificate in Digital Animation of Kenyatta University.

Programme Structure and Duration
The certificate programme will consist of two semesters.Each semester will consist of six units.Individual units are taught over a period of 35 hours each, 16 weeks per semester.

Unit Code and Title
CFT 061: Cartoon Drawing
CFT 062: History of Animation
CFT 063: Graphic design I – Image Editing
CFT 064: Digital multimedia Production
CFT 065: Introduction to 3D animation
CFT 066: Storyboarding
CFT 067: Visual effects, Special effects &Compositing Fundamentals
CFT 068: Introduction to 2D animation
CFT 069: Free hand drawing
CFT 070: Graphic design II – Vector Drawing
CFT 071: Character Animation
CFT 072: Models Creation and Texturing 1

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