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Film and Theater Arts Dept

The Certificate, diploma and degree courses in Theatre Arts and Film target theatre practitioners and teachers seeking to improve their knowledge and professionalism in Theatre Arts and Film, need a formal programme of training in a reputable institution. There is sufficient supply of Film practitioners and Theatre Artists in Kenya and the East African Region whose talents need to be further harnessed through exposure to a formal certificate course. In this regard, the school mobilizes, recruits and trains Artists in Drama, Dance and Film and exposes them to skills and knowledge which will develop and promote self-confidence, personal awareness and appreciation of the role of Theatre Arts and Film in the personal advancement and improvement of the society.

The Objectives of the Theatre Arts programme are:

  • To train Theatre Artists and Film practitioners and create awareness in the society about the extent to which they affect creativity.
  • To promote the role of artists in society.
  • To develop a sense of discipline and professional conduct in the trained Theatre and Film Artists.
  • To enable trained Theatre and Film Artists to demonstrate their acquired skills and techniques in role-playing in Drama, Dance, Theatre and Film.


  • Dr. John Mugubi 

  • Dr. Makingu Mondi
  • Mr. David Mulwa 

  • Dr. Emmanuel Shikuku 

  • Dr. Zippora Okoth 

  • Dr. Rachael Diang’a 

  • Mrs. Anne Mungai – Assistant Lecturer

  • Mr. Eliud Situma 

  • Mrs. Evelyn Hongo - Tutorial Fellow

  • Mr. Charles Kebaya - Tutorial Fellow

  • Mr. Beneah Shapaya Azangalala 

  • Ms. Susan Gitimu 

  • Certificate in Film and Theatre Arts
  • Diploma in Film and Theatre Arts
  • Diploma in Digital Animation
  • Master of Arts (Film Technology)
  • Master of Arts (Film Studies)
  • Master of Arts (Theatre Arts)
  • PhD (Film Studies)
  • PhD (Theatre Arts)

The Certificate Programmes cater for residential and Vacational Students. A Certificate Programme for residential students for either option (Film Technology or Theatre Arts) takes two (2) semesters of six (6) units each; while the programmes for the Vacational Students run for three (3) sessions of four (4) units each.

The Diploma programmes are administered in two forms:

  • Regular students [full time residential] and
  • Vacational students [those to attend classes during holiday vacations].

The duration of the Diploma Programmes for the full time regular students is 4 semesters. The first 3 semesters are utilized for class work while the fourth is a Field Attachment.
The duration of the Diploma programmes for the vacational students is (4) four sessions. The first three sessions are utilized in course work while the fourth semester covers Field Attachment.

Bachelor’s programmes extend over a period of eight semesters.
Master of Arts programmes take two years while PhD extend over a period of three years.


Holders of Diplomas in Film studies/Mass communication/ Digital Animation or in Theatre Arts may apply for Unit waiver.

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