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Mr. Paul Kasana


Position:Assistant Lecturer
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 - 00100 Nairobi
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone : +254 722-772859

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2002 JANUARY ,Weaving groups in Kenya. Focus: Ayany Women’s Group in Kibera, NairobiThe Australian Hand Weavers & Spinners journal Vol. 55

2000 APRIL ,The use of Plant dyes among hand weavers in Kenya,The Australian Hand Weavers & Spinners journal Vol. 53.


  • January 2015: Facilitator-learning training workshop at Kenyatta University organized by Digital School of Virtual and E-learning.Venue: Computer Lab Room 203(21st January -20th February 2015)
  • September 2014: Facilitator-learning training workshop at Kenyatta University organized by Centre for Teaching Excellence And Evaluation Venue: Computer Lab Bssc Room 276
  • November 2013: Curriculum review workshop,Venue: Department of Fine art and Design (6-11th November 2013)
  • November 2013: Course in teaching methodology by the Centre for Teaching, Excellence and Evaluation, Kenyatta university.Venue:Business and Students Center Kenyatta University (28th may and 14th November.
  • August 2008: International Society of Ceramics Education and Exchange Symposium,  Department of fine Art Kenyatta University. (August 2nd-17th 2008)
  • June 2007: Course on Digital Media and communication (DMAC) in Collaboration With Staff from Georgia Tech.University U.S.A, Department of fine Art Kenyatta University. (11th June to 20th July 2007)
  • June 2007: Departmental seminar-“Comparative study of Urban Kenyan Art and Fante Asafo Ghanaian Art”, Department of fine Art Kenyatta University.(6th June 2007)
  • April 2006: Departmental seminar: ‘Economy Class’ a seminar by five visiting Austrian Atists Featuring work by Austrian artists, prints, installations, sculptures, films and Art talks, Department of fine Art Kenyatta University. (6th April 2006)
  • November 2005: Departmental seminar ‘Illustration as a career in Kenya’ By Terry Hirst,Venue: Department of fine Art Kenyatta University.(29th November 2005)

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