Entry Requirements

In addition to meeting the University and School of Creative Arts, Film and Media Studies entry requirements, all candidates for Certificate in Film must have at least C- in KCSE; Division III in EACE or their equivalents.

Proof of prior experience/involvement/participation in film production will be an added advantage

At the completion of the course the student will be awarded a Certificate in Film and Theatre Arts

Examination Regulations
All university rules and regulations governing examinations shall apply. For theoretical units, grading shall constitute 30% for course work (CATS) and 70% for written examination. For Units which combine theory and practical, grading shall constitute 60% Practical Continuous Assessment and 40% for sit-in written Examination. Units that are exclusively practical or special projects shall be graded out of a total of 100% and will be equivalent to two (2) units. Such unit shall be assessed on at least a biweekly basis.
A student who fails to score 40% and above in more than two (2) of the units he/she has registered for in a semester will automatically be discontinued. A student who fails to attend at least two thirds (2 of 3) of the classes for any particular unit shall not be allowed to sit for the end of semester examinations of that unit.
A candidate who sits and fails a supplementary exam in any unit shall NOT be awarded a Certificate.

Programme Structure and Duration
The Certificate Programme shall cater for residential and vacational Students. A Certificate Programme for residential students for either option (Film or Theatre Arts) will take two (2) semesters of six (6) units each; while the programme for the vacationalstudents, will run for three (3) sessions of four (4) units each.

Unit Code and Title
CFT 001: Introduction to Media and Society
CFT 002: Introduction to Acting for Stage
CFT 006: Introduction to Radio Broadcasting Techniques
CFT 009: Introduction to Costume and Make-Up
CFT 010: Introduction to Dance Skills
CFT 012: The Fundamentals of Children’s Theatre
CFT 014: Introduction to Video Camera Operations
CFT 015: Introduction to Art and Technique of Film Making
CFT 016: Introduction to Basic Animation
CFT 019: Introduction to Theatre and Film Marketing and Management
CFT 020: Introduction to Audio-video Editing