Entry Requirements

In addition to meeting the University and School of Creative Arts, Film and Media Studies entry requirements, all candidates for Diploma in Film and Theatre Arts are required to have a minimum of grade C at K.C.S.E level or its equivalent. Furthermore:
a) Applicants must show proof through certificates or otherwise, that they have been involved in Film or Drama and Theatre Art practice.
b) Applicants must satisfy the minimum departmental entry requirements before registering for the specific Diploma OR:
i. Possess a Certificate in Theatre Arts or Film studies with a minimum of credit pass
ii. P1 teachers with a minimum Division III and teaching experience in performing arts will be considered

Examination Regulations
All university rules and regulations governing examinations shall apply.For theoretical units, grading shall constitute 30% for course work (CATS) and 70% for written examination.For Units which combine theory and practical, grading shall constitute 60% Practical Continuous Assessment and 40% for sit-in written Examination.Units that are exclusively practical or special projects shall be graded out of a total of 100% and will be equivalent to two (2) units. Such unit shall be assessed on at least a biweekly basis.
All students shall go for a 12-week Field Attachment at the end of their second academic year of study, which will be equivalent to two (2) units.
A student who fails to score 40% and above in more than two (2) of the units he/she has registered for in a semester will automatically be discontinued. A student who fails to attend at least two thirds (2 of 3) of the class for any particular unit shall not be allowed to sit for the end of semester examinations of that unit. A candidate who sits and fails a supplementary exam in any unit shall NOT be awarded a Diploma.

The Diploma programme in Film and Theatre Arts will culminate in an award of Diploma in Film and Theatre Arts

Programme Structure and Duration
The Diploma programme will be administered in two forms:
a) Regular students [full time residential] and
b) Vacational students [those to attend classes during holiday vacations].
i. The duration of the Diploma Programme for the full time regular students shall be 4 semesters. The first 3 semesters shall be utilized for coursework while the fourth shall be for Field Attachment and individual project.
ii. The Field attachment will be equivalent to two (2) units, while the Project will be equivalent to two (2) units.
iii. Regular students shall be required to register for a total of atleast six (6) units per semester whereas the vacational students shall be required to register for a total of four (4) units per session.
iv. The duration of the Diploma programme for the vacational students will be (6) six sessions. The first four sessions will be utilized in course work while the fifth and sixth sessions will cover Project and Field Attachment.

Level 1
CFT 031: Foundations of Traditional African Theatre
CFT 032: Fundamentals of Acting
CFT 033: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
CFT 034: Fundamentals of Scriptwriting
CFT 035: Introduction to Theatre for Development
CFT 036: Basics in the Art and Technique of Film Making
CFT 037: Fundamentals of Theatre and Film Marketing and Management
CFT 038: Beginning Acting for TV and Film
CFT 039: Fundamentals of Stage Directing
CFT 040: Basics in Video Camera Operation
CFT 042: Fundamentals of Audio-Video Editing
CFT 052: Introduction to Film Genres
CCM 032: Fundamentals of Radio Broadcasting Techniques.

Level 2
CFT 043: Basic Dance Skills and Choreography
CFT 044: Fundamentals of Documentary and Non-Fiction Film
CFT 045: Basic Sound and Lighting
CFT 046: Basic Photography and Design
CFT 054: Fundamentals of Screenwriting
CFT 055: Basic Animation
CFT 056: The Art of Film Directing
CFT 048: Stage Production Project
CFT 049: Film Production Project
CFT 050: Internship/ Attachment